Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A New Website to Celebrate Sale of Cardinal.

I am moving this blog to This Site.

I’m just learning this software, rather than this freeware it is a commercial in nature by a company called Wordpress.  It’s taking me time which I have precious little of right now.

Our big news is that we are on route to Yuma, AZ where we will pick up our new chariot.

More adventure to come, Stay with us!1921876_10201120373166073_2066899422_n


“Moon Equipped” was a famous logo back in the day (60’s) when we all wished to have their products on our hot rods.  I sure never saw one of their T-shirts in yellow like this one!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

After a Hectic Week of Packing, WE Go to a Shrimp Boil. 2014


We’ve spent the last week moving all of our ‘stuff’ into the storage area we rent in Round Rock, TX.  This storage area is somewhat a ‘dirty little secret’ of our where we have a vestige of a connection to a permanent home.  The rent of $125/month exceeds our 1st rental of $85/month!

Where did all this ‘stuff’ come from?  In addition to the pile that you saw in our last blog, much of it came when I emptied the huge storage area in the belly of our 5th wheel.







Solving another one of mankind's great questions, this picture was posted on Face Book by a friend of ours.  Next, to address the Pope’s religion !





Last night (Saturday) we pulled out bodies together to attend a Shrimp Boil sponsored by the Lutheran Church we attend in Georgetown.  You know how we felt:  A long day working at a frustrating task, all we wanted to do was sit at home and relax with a can of soup.

But, we didn’t and were very happy we made the effort!



Shrimp are boiled in a spicy (this is Texas!) water after it has boiled the corn and new potatoes.  The workers being outside the church building are allowed a few adult beverages as reward for standing over the huge boiling pots.


Each table of 8 appoint a server whose job is to trek to and from the huge never-ending supply of food kept HOT in Styrofoam coolers.

Eating utensils are fingers, common drink is lemonade or Sweet Tea.

We shared great fellowship and waddled away having eaten our fill of shrimp and side dishes.  Did I forget the home made peach cobble w/ice cream for desert?




Somehow. Pastor got stuck scrubbing pots after the event.







In the coming week, I am trying to learn a new software package for this blog.  It will unfortunately mean that I must change the address, stay tune and pay attention or you may loose the thread.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Spring! Un-nesting time here 2014


WE are sure you join us in welcoming this year’s edition of Spring.IMG_2904

After getting our car situation settled down {I sold the Subaru P.O.S. car}, we are moving on to un-nesting from the 5th wheel.  This shouldn’t be hard, we have previous training when we moved out of the Windsor house.  It is amazing how much ‘stuff’ you can jam into a 30’ 5th wheel.  These 2 pictures were taken after we had already made 3 trips to our storage are.  Much muttering is heard; ‘Why are were saving this?’  ‘This is 6 months out of code!’ ‘Why are you saving this?’

We visited Charlie & Sue Schaffer at Jim Hogg Recreation area on St. Patty’s Day.  Sue made a wonderful classic corned beef dinner tat we feasted on.  They are heading for the Escapee’s Care Center for a month where they will do IMG_2905volunteer work as they have for the past 3 years.

102of254Named for MasonsTodays Trivia;  Of the 254 counties in Texas, 102 of them are named after freemasons.

We are moving the 5th wheel to a Brothers heavy truck shop in Pflugerville on Tuesday.  He has generously invited us to park it there while we are selling it.  In marketing it, I have prepared a short film presentation. which you will find here:



We will be driving the Toyota to Yuma next week.  I have an appointment to have the tow bar brackets installed and the Solar Panels put on the Motorhome.  One of me next projects is to try and figure out how to change the header picture on this blog, always something to do!

I found this bit of cuteness for my car loving friends.


Monday, March 17, 2014

Cars were my PIA last week 2014

1901742_715505225136589_81142814_nI’ve got to get out in front of this, put on my ‘Big Boy’ pants and admit I screwed up.  In my rush to find an appropriate tow car {AK.A Toad}, I elected to save a dime and ended up loosing a bunch of dollars.  I bought a Subaru Impreza WRX from it’s owner after a successful test ride, it ran very nice.  Money changed hands as did the title and I was off on my 90 mile ride back to camp.  At mile #40, I seized a front wheel bearing, $400 at Firestone.

Got the car home, worked 3 days putting $400 tow bar brackets on it.  While doing so, I foundIMG_2889 evidence of front end damage in the past.  The A/C quit, a recharge leaked out.  2 day later a front CV joint announced that it was not happy.  It’s a cute little car but I have manned up and have to admit it was a bad purchase.  I will swallow the lose and sell it makeing full disclosure, I’m to damn old to lie about it.

On Saturday we went down to the Austin Car Max to look at a Toyota RAV4 that was on their I-net site.  It is 2wd, stick shift with 4 cylinder motor.  It’s 10 years old, with 49 kmi it is sure to last a long IMG_2900while.  Car Max was VERY GOOD to work with, I highly recommend them.  Their staff gives about as much pressure to buy as the check-out person at a super market! 

Charlie & Sue Schaffer are camped nearby, to our great joy.  We went to dinner twice.  They and The Boles pre-ran the Kino Bay trip that we are leading next year.  The help we are getting setting this up is fantastic, we are assured of a great event with this type of help.

We are off to see Anne-Marie’s Doctor, hoping he releases us to travel.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Great Saturday after a long week. 2014


We were so lucky on Saturday when Carl & Donna Larson made a visit, they live in Spring, Texas.  Carl is a Past Grand Paton of O.E.S. in Connecticut, we served with him for several years.  We had lunch at The Monument CafĂ© a landmark in Georgetown.  There was a 30 minute wait for a table, we had plenty of time to catch up and swap fibs about how great we 1979547_10202733640815817_162254329_nfeel.

There can be no mistaking that this lady is feeling better!  Still walking a bit slow, it will be a few weeks before she is up to running any races!

I have put our 5th wheel on Craig’s List here.  We’ve sealed the deal {wrote the check} on the motorhome.  It would be nice if this sells before we go to retrieve the motorhome from Yuma, AZ.

My biggest frustration this week has been to bureaucracy of the Texas Motor Vehicle Department.  It is their edict that a vehicle must be registered  in the county is was purchased in or the owners domicile.  I bought ‘Subby’ from a private seller in New Brunsfeld. On Monday I will have to make a 150 mile trip to pay the sales tax and get my plates.  It will be much worse with the motorhome, I will have to take that to Livingston, which is far south Texas.

Because of this foolishness, I’ve been researching registering in South Dakota, as many RVer’s do.  I can do the whole deal for about $150 and pay only 3% ‘sales’ tax vs. 6% in Texas!  Still researching, it appears that we do not have to change our mail address or domicile.KinoLogo2014

On the right is the 1st draft of the logo we will be using with regards to our Mexican Connection trip next year to Kino Bay, a big thanks to Mickey Waite for the work she did on this!

We have a genuine Rock Star in our family.  Say hello to Anne-Marie’s nephew, Mike Maier of San Francisco, CA

Rock Star2



Wednesday, March 5, 2014

She’s Home! 2014


What Day is it?  Did you answer ‘Hump Day’ ?  Sister Margret Mary will crack your knuckles with her ruler!

Ash Wednesday here.  What will you give up for Lent?IMG_2870

More important to me is that it is homecoming for Anne-Marie.  She came home last night and slept like a baby.  This morning she was able to pose for a picture and say thanks for all the cards & prayers.


Yesterday did not start well with rarely seen ice cover here in Texas.  The bridges and Fly Overs had black ice, traffic was snarled for miles.

One of my neighbors gave me a ride about 80 miles South to pick up the Subaru that we will be using for a ‘Toad’ behind our new coach.  The day continued to be bleak as the car seized a front wheel bearing after 30 miles.  I had it towed into a local Firestone Service Shop where it was repaired and it’s ready to go this morning.




I’m shown here with R.W.B. Rickee Lee Allen who is the Master of Henry Thomas Lodge #278 in Smithwick, Texas.  He’s smiling because He’s about 5” taller than I am.  I’m smiling because I drove on circles looking for the lodge.  There is no real address on the website, my GPS could not find it and my i-phone was out of range from the civilized world!

The fellow who sold me the Subaru had a hobby business fabricating desk and floor lamps using cast of material he finds in junk yards.